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Diamond Carpet Specialists are experts in the field of urine remediation. 


Whether it's territorial markings, or Junior's occasional misfires call Diamond we know what to do.

Why supermarket products don't work

It's simple.  Chemicals, whether contained in urine or any other composition, are likely to change when exposed to sunlight, other chemicals, oxygen, or even time.  There is no way that the maker of Pee-B-Gone or Resolve can know what chemical state your urine stain is in.  In other words, there is no single solution to pet stain problems.  That's why you need professionals to do the job right.  As a working chemist, I instruct our carpet cleaners on how to avoid locking in stains and how to release those that have already been locked in.


Diamond has the tools and expertise to eliminate odors and stains caused by urine, feces, vomit, etc.   We also have the integrity to admit in advance when we can't fix a pet problem.  You don't want to pay for poor service and we don't want to provide it.