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Tulsa Tile Cleaners / Tulsa Tile Cleaner

Ceramic tile is great, but porous tile and grout can be difficult to maintain. Diamond has great success cleaning tile and grout. Here's why.


We prespray your tile and grout are with a very powerful blend of surfactants, pH boosters, and oxidizers.


After allowing sufficient dwell-time, we mechanically agitate. Next, we use a van-powered cleaning system that blasts the tile and grout with high-pressure hot water. The water (along with dirts, oils, food matter) is immediately sucked back into the van for later disposal.


Finally, at your request, the grout can be sealed to help prevent future resoiling. Grout is very porous, and having it sealed will keep it cleaner longer.


If the grout is marred by rust or other permanent stains, we can repair that too, by color sealing. Color sealing makes your grout look brand new, and can be used to change the entire look of your kitchen or baths.


For Tulsa tile and grout cleaers, please call Andrew Eller @ 918-232-5570