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Tulsa Pet Odor Removal

Generally speaking, pet owners are an understanding, forgiving lot. Rather than permanently banishing Fido from our homes, we clean our pooches occasional mistakes the best we can--over and over and over. This is the main need for Tulsa pet odor removal.


If extra-terrestrials are watching us from above, they are probably wondering which of us is master--the one peeing or the one cleaning it up.


Speaking from experience, pet-odor problems are very common. The best way to deal with pet odor, or any odor for that matter, is to eliminate the source by removing as much urine as possible with our Tulsa pet odor removal service.


Products sold at retail stores are ineffective and often damage carpet. Sometimes people call me only after spending $20 on worthless chemicals, bleaching color from their carpet, and basically just making a big mess. I actually saw a product (chemically ineffective) selling for $60/gallon at a pet store the other day!


I understand the do-it-yourself mentality that many of us have. However, cleaning one's own carpet just doesn't make sense from a cost-benefit-risk-reward type basis. It's easy to ruin expensive carpet trying to save a few bucks, and still not achieve good results.


Next time you have a pet-odor problem, give me a call. I'll do the best Tulsa pet odor removal job possible at a price you can afford.