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Tulsa Carpet Cleaning

Our Tulsa carpet cleaning process. These steps, when performed properly, achieve maximum results.

  1. Tulsa Carpet CleaningInspection: Is the carpet wool, nylon, polyester, or polypropylene? Saxony, frieze, Berber? What types of soiling and stains are present? Problem areas?
  2. Preparation: Furniture moving, corner guards, etc.
  3. Prespray: The most important step in the Tulsa carpet cleaning process, and mixed based upon your individual carpet needs. Anionic ? Cationic? Oxidizer? Reducer? pH? Not rocket-science, but science nonetheless. The proper prespray is a crucial component in getting your carpets as clean as possible and having a satisfactory Tulsa carpet cleaner experience.
  4. Dwell-Time and Prespotting: 15 minutes to allow prespray to begin working is important. Prespotting, preagitation, and final equipment set-up happen during this time.
  5. Extraction: This is what usually comes to mind when you think of Tulsa carpet cleaning. As the wand provides agitation of carpet fibers, hot water is applied and immediately removed using powerful positive-displacement blower inside the Tulsa carpet cleaners van.
  6. Post-spotting: Stubborn spots and stains are treated with specialty spotters during extraction process to ensure maximum spot removal.
  7. Fan placement: Powerful air-movers are placed to facilitate rapid drying in key areas determined during inspection.
  8. End Stage: While fans are running, equipment is removed. Some furniture can be replaced with proper precautions. If you are happy, please tell a friend to Contact Us!