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Tulsa Carpet Cleaners / Tulsa Carpet Cleaner

Tulsa Carpet Cleaners / Tulsa Carpet CleanerConsumer complaints about carpet cleaning typically fall into five categories that trigger the need for Tulsa Carpet Cleaners or carpet inspections:

  1. Specifying
  2. Manufacturing
  3. Installing
  4. Maintaining and carpet cleaning
  5. Carpet myths and misperceptions.

Let's talk a bit about carpet specification, in the hope that you can learn a few things that may help you or a friend the next time you select new carpet or need a Tulsa Carpet Cleaner.


Color and pile design or style; that's what every new carpet salesperson is taught is most important. Never mind all those technical details that affect long-term performance. Just lead the prospective customers to the waterfall display that contains the color range and carpet style they are looking for, let them pick one out, assure them that it's "bulletproof" and a "great deal," and write the order.


That's not selling, that's order taking. And it's one of the foremost reasons why IICRC-certified inspectors get calls. I'm not trying to beat up on carpet salespeople, but a little education about fiber characteristics wouldn't hurt them, would it? Hmm. here's a thought: why not share your knowledge with them? Wouldn't that be a great way to establish a relationship and possibly get some future referrals from them?


Specification-related consumer complaints arise from several sources. The first is failure to understand fiber characteristics - most consumers have no clue that there is a difference between nylon, wool, polyester and olefin. But let's face it; every fiber isn't right for every floor covering application. To allow consumers to select carpet based on color and style with no consideration about fiber content is a recipe for disaster.