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Welcome to the Diamond Coupon Page.  We want the best for your carpet, and I am personally at every residential job to insure your satisfaction.  I will honor the coupon prices unless you live out of the metro area, want us to move way too much furniture, or have really severe pet odor problems.  

Restorative carpet cleaning (the kind that prolongs the life of your carpet and makes a noticeable difference in its appearance) is more than someone pushing a wand back and forth across your carpet.  Great carpet cleaning involves using the best low-residue products, high heat, sufficient dwell time, knowledge, and work ethic/pride.

If you've made it into your thirties and still believe that price equals value, especially within the service sectors, then please read my blog entry titled Bizarre Carpet Cleaner Behavior. I guarantee you won't be satisfied hiring the guy who just bought a carpet extractor off of Ebay and stuck signs on the corner.   

Bottom line is that I want to compete for your business by offering excellent value.  Not by hard selling, bait and switch advertising, or performing substandard work.
If your home is substantially larger than 3000 square feet, please call me for an accurate price quote. 
Best regards
Andrew Eller 918-232-5570