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“Carpet cleaning is a commodity.  Restorative carpet cleaning is a rarity”.



I define restorative carpet cleaning as a cleaning process that actually restores the carpet’s appearance and adds longevity to its useful life. 


The process begins well before we arrive at your home.  Factors such as education, knowledge, product selection, and work ethic play a vital role in how well your carpets respond to cleaning efforts.


Once at your home, it is our goal to remove as much soil, allergens, and spots as possible.  We accomplish this through dwell-time, agitation, heat, soft-water, use of the Rotovac, and forced drying.  As you might expect, restorative cleaning takes much more time than merely running a wand back and forth over your carpet.  A typical 1900 square foot home takes us about 1 ½ hours.


I’ll take a little jab at my 5 rooms for $85 competitors here:  Although one can run a wand over a home’s carpet in 30 minutes, it is physically impossible to perform restorative (or even a decent) cleaning within that same time frame.  The exchange of clean water for soils cannot happen fast enough for a thorough cleaning.


The chart below will aid you in determining how much we charge to clean the carpet in an “average” home within varying size increments.  The price includes moving and cleaning underneath living room furniture.


Single-Story Homes


Home Size:


Under 1100 Sq Ft


1101-1300 Sq Ft


1301-1500 Sq Ft


1501-1700 Sq Ft


1701-1900 Sq Ft


1901-2100 Sq Ft


2101-2300 Sq Ft


2301-2500 Sq Ft


2501-2700 Sq Ft





Multi-Story Homes-Includes Stairs


Home Size:


Under 1500 Sq Ft


1501-1900 Sq Ft


1901-2300 Sq Ft


2300-2700 Sq Ft


2701-3000 Sq Ft


3001-3400 Sq Ft


3401-3700 Sq Ft





Please keep in mind that these prices are meant to be representational, but are not etched in stone.  We strive to use common-sense and fairness when determining price.


For example, we realize that some families have large homes with very little carpet.  If this describes your home, we will certainly reduce your price to reflect this.