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Buckling and Carpet Ripples


There are several reasons for carpet buckling:

  • The most common reason for buckling is improper carpet installation. A high percentage of carpet installers do not follow the CRI (Carpet and Rug Institute) Installation Guidelines (CRI 104 & 105). If your carpet was not installed using a power stretcher, it was not installed properly. Power stretching a carpet will not tear a carpet, but will provide you with maximum years of use out of your carpet and is mandatory by Shaw Industries (major carpet manufacturer). Installation performed without the use of a power stretcher can void the manufacturer's warranty.
  • Improper carpet padding (too thick).
  • Dragging heavy furniture across wall-to-wall carpeting may pull carpeting off of tackless strip, causing waves (this will affect carpets not properly installed).

Re-stretching is the remedy for buckled or wavy carpets. It can add years of life to your carpeting. Re-stretching will not reverse damage or excessive wear caused by improper installation, but works to prevent further unnecessary damage and wear.

Bleach, Burns, and Permanent Stains


Sometimes the only way to fix a carpet problem is to remove the affected carpet and replace with a donor piece (usually from a hidden corner of a closet).


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